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Newsletter: Christel’s Corner

Every now and then, I write a newsletter called “Christel’s Corner”, which is an easy read with thoughts and inspiration on everyday life, feelings, technology, design and things that caught my attention. You can read all previous issues, or simply sign up here:

Some of my favourite issues

Photo of a closed sketchbook

052021: I Need a Camera to My Eye

Sitting on the train back home to Berlin, after a week at my parent’s home: the idea of my own pillow, my own coffee machine, my own trip to the super market makes me cherish the fact that I am a grown-up; that I only slip into the child’s role for a couple of days a year.

Photo of Cate Blanchett

042021: I Am at War with My Time

I am standing in front of a photograph of Cate Blanchett; a film still by Julian Rosefeldt’s “Manifesto” video installation. The portrait is huge, Cate’s cold gaze is staring at me. Underneath it, in small serif letters, the sentence: “I am at war with my time.”

Photo of me in front of a blue sky

032021: At the Bottom of Everything

After the weather has been indecisive for the whole weekend, the rain finally comes down on this Sunday evening. I am sitting here, in my sparsely lit living room, on the couch, in summer shorts, sipping ice tea. Apparently, these 20 degrees Celsius are what makes our summer this year, and whatever, I’m fine with it.

Mixed Media Collage

082020: We’ll be Alright When I Rub My Eyes

It’s March 2020 and I’m on a video call with a friend. We’re all new to this whole stay-at-home situation, and she had offered to lay her Tarot cards for me. She’s using playing cards of Magic: The Gathering, just to spice things up a bit. The cards tell me about the general situation, they give precise recommendations, and conclude a possible outcome of it all.

Photo of a light strip on the floor

112019: If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going

Partly stressed, partly depressed, with a tiny spark of excitement, I am sitting in front of an empty slide deck. It’s some rainy weekend in October, and I am supposed to give a talk about my work during the upcoming week. I am paralyzed.