Hello, my name is Christoph Rauscher.

I’m a designer, illustrator, writer and visual thinker based in Berlin, Germany.

Christoph Rauscher

Current affairs

July 2022 Big News! I’m co-founding a company: Village One

Together with friends, I am founding a new design studio. We're called Village One and we’re a worker-owned cooperative, aiming to re-define creative work as a remote, async company. We have big plans to build a democratic, inclusive work environment with a strong focus on meaningful digital products – for a better web and society. Find out more on our website and sign up to our mailing list.

August 2022 Workshop at University of the Arts / Summer School: Writing = Design

Together with Sonja Knecht, I will be hosting a one-week workshop to use text and writing as a design tool. During the summer university at University of the Arts Berlin, we will work closely to get familiar with writing techniques and iterate on your texts. The course is open for everyone!

When? August 8 – 12, 2022, Where? University of the Arts Berlin, More information

Previous participants of the workshop seemed to like it:

“As I am not a native English speaker, I often feel anxious about my written language. However, from this course, I gained the confidence to be more fearless. (…) Not only did I improve my writing skills, but also speaking, presenting, discussing, and listening.”

“I especially appreciated the time, precision, and patience from Sonja and Christoph, with which they helped us analyzing and finalizing our writing.”

“Their attention to detail and passion for language, text, and design was of great value for our work during the course.”

“The workshop made me realize that writing is a serious craft, and I felt more encouraged to take my writings seriously.”

Spring 2022Seminar at University of the Arts: Writing about Illustration

With Henning Wagenbreth’s Illustration class at University of the Arts Berlin, we’ll be delving through the archives of 25 years of illustration education. We will write about the body of work and put it in context. The class is for illustration students only.

When? Spring Semester (April – July) 2022, Where? University of the Arts Berlin

April 2022 Workshop at Merz Akademie: Web Design for Publishing

For the students at Merz Akademie Stuttgart, I'll be giving a one-week workshop on digital editorial design: How to come up with formats, how to work with big amounts of texts on screen, what are great design tools? We’ll cover it all. The workshop is open for students of all semesters.

When? April 24 – 28, 2022, Where? Merz Akademie, Stuttgart

What I’ve been working on

Writing = Design Summer Course Team

University of the Arts: Writing = Design!

For the past years, my co-host Sonja Knecht and I have been teaching the workshop “Writing = Design” at the Berlin Summer University of the Arts. With the students we explore writing as a design tool. UdK 2020 – 2022 (2023 upcoming!)


Flurry Screensaver

The Last Screensaver

You know it from the first MacBook you bought, or from your school library’s computers, or from the backdrop of a film you recently watched. The Flurry screensaver, shipped with every Mac since 2002, has become an acquainted digital surface in movies, offices and homes.

Form Design Magazine Column

Form Design Magazine Column

WordArt, flip phones, skeuomorphic design: For the renowned German design magazine form, I write a column on digital design phenomenons that popped up during the past 30 years, but by now already induce some sort of digital nostaliga within us.

Zeit Online Helvetica Now Interview

Helvetica Now

You all know Helvetica, the famous typeface from the 1950s – it’s everwhere! In 2019, it was redesigned and enhanced by Hendrik Weber and Alexander Roth from Monotype, and for Zeit Online, I talked to the type designers about the process and necessity. Read it in German.

Inivisible Machines: Visual Essay

Visual Essay: Invisible Machines

The first personal computers were sold in the early 1980s. Their neutral exterior—grey, square boxes—were supposed to change our households as a flexible tool. But how was it possible that these emotion-less designed machines became the symbol for the information age? And how did they almost completely lose their shell through the decases?

Find more text on my personal blog or contact me to receive a full text portfolio.

Newsletter: Christel’s Corner

I write a (semi-regular) monthly newsletter called “Christel’s Corner”, which is an easy read with thoughts and inspiration on everyday life, feelings, technology, design and things that caught my attention. You can read previous issues, or simply sign up here:

About me

Christoph Rauscher during a workshop

I’m Christoph, a designer, illustrator, writer and visual thinker based in Berlin, Germany. I collaborate with companies big and small to visualize their ideas and push projects into the right direction. In the past, I’ve worked as a design director at Edenspiekermann and as the art director of ZEIT Online.

My work ranges from design direction and strategic design to hands-on visual and UI design. I also do illustration, editorial and book design, and I write for magazines and corporate publications.

I believe that design is changing its role constantly, and I enjoy adapting to it. From describing pixel-perfect mockups, design has been shifted to a broader field of projection: Basically, everything can be designed — which defines the role of the designer as a mediator between needs, ideas and stakeholders. I use design as a tool to connect people, and make invisible thoughts tangible.

Selected Clients

I’ve worked with great people on great projects, such as: DIE ZEIT & ZEIT Online, Third Wave Berlin, WDR, Berlinale, STATE Design Consultancy, Edenspiekermann, Stan Hema, DOK Leipzig, frieze, Ringier, jetzt.de / Süddeutsche Zeitung, TLGG, BCG, Phineo, Carl-Auer Verlag, and more.

Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Strategic design and consulting: Where is your idea or project headed? Let’s find out in a joined ideation session.
  • Website design: From concept and architecture to interface design, making responsive websites is my jam.
  • Writing: Interviews, reports, corporate text, tone of voice or content strategy – I can help you find the right words.
  • Illustration: I draw key visuals, explanatory imagery and editorial illustrations. Check my instagram for examples.

Say Hello

If you have an interesting idea to share or collaborate on, I’d be happy to hear from you! I enjoy team work, enthusiasm, literature, watching animals, cheesy music and meaningful conversation:

I’m also on Mastodon, Instagram and LinkedIn.